Why Studienkolleg Düsseldorf?

Welcome to Studienkolleg Düsseldorf.

On these pages, you will find an overview of our courses and the additional services that we offer, as well as general information on living and learning in Germany. Whichever qualification you wish to obtain, we optimally prepare you for the relevant examination.

Your success is our success!

How to register

Here you can find all the important information for the process from registration to the Studienkolleg to admission for your study at a German University.

You collect all essential documents and register for the Studienkolleg.
After your successful registration you will receive a bill with a payment check via e-mail.
After receipt of payment we will send you your confirmation of registration. With this confirmation you can apply for a visa in your home country.
One of our coordinators will accompany you and help you with every step following.
You organize your entry and arrival at the Studienkolleg Düsseldorf on your own.
Normally you have to extend your visa within 90 days after your arrival.
Our coordinators will support you with good grace.
Our foundation courses are going to prepare you for study at a German university in terms of language and knowledge. Normally they last two terms (semester). In exceptional cases they can be extended up to four terms in total or shortened up to one term in total.
Prerequisites for attending are knowledge of the German language on the level of B2. For students who are interested, but do not have the precognition at one´s command, we offer a special preparation course.
Apart from the lessons you are going to get to know the country and the people due to our cultural program.

The target of the education at the Studienkolleg is to pass the Feststellungsprüfung (FSP), also called ´Examination to Assess the Qualification of Foreign Applicants for Admission to Universities in the Federal Republic of Germany´ or, depends on the choice of language course, to pass the exam Telc B2 or the DSH- exam.

Passing the External FSP allows you to study at a university in Germany.
We are going to support you with your application for a place at university!
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Regional capital Düsseldorf

The Studienkolleg is situated in the attractive district Flingern-Nord in the center of the Rhine Metropolis Düsseldorf.

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